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There are tons out there, we just focus on what you should seek for. That's all.

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With the latest software, we've managed to build the most modern gaming platform.

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The correct way to fully
connect the game to the web.

Our catchphrase is “Rethink the way you play…“ and we hope you will fully harness this motto by using our modern, intuitive, yet brand new platform — LSE Dashboard.


All-in-one service


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Automatic response


Management platform


Primarily created with an
affiliate program in mind.

When we first drafted this platform, we thought that the main priority should be the possibility to accept more games, from multiple locations and with minimum requirements.





Open mind


Both for players and managers.

And for the game itself, we have completely rethought the whole process of game interaction.

Game servers range New collaborative technologies.
brand new
Management team Just focus on game development

Your server managemet is now way more easier than before in LSE; do not bother anymore with that annoying file managment, know your staff, players and market with few clicks. Track the activity of your server in all its aspects, accept or reject requests and punish the naughty ones regardless of the device you use to browse the web. It's just a matter of time!

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